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Stil smoking, please read this article.

Data from the National Health and Morbidity Survey from the Health Ministry shows cigarette smoking is the main contributing factor to overall death each year. 
The survey also demonstrates that 5 million Malaysians above 15 years of age are smokers with the majority of smokers are 20 - 54 years of age and of men in gender.
Cigarette smoking is among the main risk factors causing heart and pulmonary diseases contributing 15.7 percent of overall 20,000 death recorded. In addition, it also contributes largely to the development of lung cancer. Lung cancer is among the main cause of death with a higher mortality rate as compared to other types of cancer such as colon and breast cancer.
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Cigarette smoking habit also causes detrimental effects on surrounding non-smoker or called passive smoker which accounts up to 1/3 of Malaysians.
Due to numerous health issues, it is important to quit smoking. Strong will and determination are crucial for this effort. Vital to remember that cigarette smoking leads to various health issues not only to smokers themselves but also to people around them. These include increasing your risks of having lung cancer, heart and pulmonary diseases, strokes, and organs failure.
Prepared by : SN Filina Fauzian
Article translated by: Dr Muhamad Asraf Azhari

Date of Input: 11/08/2020 | Updated: 12/08/2020 | nur_hazalina


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