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#PUTRABakti and UHC Penang Flood Humanitarian Mission

November 9, 2017 - The recent floods in Penang have brought many losses, including lives and properties. In awareness of social responsibility and on the basis of concerns for the victims involved in the incident, UPM University Health Center together with UPM Counseling Division have joined hands in the effort to provide aids to flood victims in Penang.


Aids such as food supplies, home appliances and prayer pans were presented to the Counseling Division through their representative Puan Rafidah Sadarudin , before being transported to the location via UPM's PUTRABakti Program. Collection in form of donation from UHC staff has been used for this purpose and it is hoped that this assistance will assist in reducing the burden of flood victims.


Thank you for your very kind contributions and we hope this effort can inspire our UPM community to continue contributing to those in need.


Report by: Dr Ahmad Syahid






Date of Input: 09/11/2017 | Updated: 14/11/2017 | syahid


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