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Impromtu Idea Brought Victory.

"The inspiration came as I was given the form by the organizers. I did not expect to win because the participation was from all over UPM." That is the words from the winner of the Best Theme for HKIP UPM 2017, Madam DK Masni PG Kifli when contacted by phone. Pleased with his victory, Mrs. DK Masni, a Medical Laboratory Technologist at the University Health Center (PKU), hopes this win will inspire UPM staff to continue the support for activities organized at the University level.




The UPM 2017 Quality and Service Innovation Day Program (HKIP) was held on 10 November 2017 at the Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah's Cultural Center and Arts Center in UPM. This 5th celebration was held with the hope of raising the awareness amongst UPM staff on the importance of innovation and creativity in the implementation of work; nurturing and reinforcing the cultural values ​​of innovation and creativity at UPM, realizing the process of adoption, approach and culture on innovative and creative in-service features; and contribute in improving the quality of service delivery to customers.


Report and interview by: Dr Ahmad Syahid

Images by: Izzatussofia Baharudin

Date of Input: 24/11/2017 | Updated: 24/11/2017 | syahid


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