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34 Years with University Health Centre Dental

PENDETA ZAABA COLLEGE HALL , 01 OGOS 19 - An appreciation event was held in conjunction to celebrate the retirement of former head of dental services of UPM Health Centre, Dr Dasrilsyah Syahrial who had in service with the university for more than 3 decades. 
According to the event project director, Ainul Afifa, the event was meant to show appreciation and gratitude towards Dr. Dasrilsyah for his decades of services in and out of UPM health centre. This include his services as chairman of Koperasi UPM Berhad, chairman of UPM Health Centre EKSA and Emergency Response Taskforce, Treasurer ALUMNI (PAPTI) and executive committee member of Malaysia History Society. 
The event was attended and celebrated with all current and former UPM Health Centre staffs with group singing and dancing performances of 60s pop yeh-yeh and poco-poco. 
For later memories and remembrance a photo session was held just before the event ended at 2pm.

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