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Feeling Sleepy After Suhoor and Ifthar ?

Is it normal to feel sleepy after a meal? 
Yes it is normal but in some cases it could also be a sign of pathological diseases.
After having a meal, digestion process takes place. The process involves breaking down food into nutrients such as glucose which is used by cells in the body to create energy. Body will also secrete hormones such as amylin, glucagon and cholecystokinin in response to food digestion. These hormones will increase blood glucose levels stimulating the feeling of satiety, secretion of insulin for energy production and secretion of serotonin from the brain causing the feeling of sleepiness.
Types of food consumed are also a major contributing factor. For instance high carbohydrate diet such as rice and high protein diet such as meat, chicken, fish, eggs etc.  High protein diet contains more tryptophan amino acid which is used by body to produce serotonin and hence causing the feeling of sleepy post meal.
Irregular sleeping habit may also contribute as a factor. Body tends to relax after meal and causes to feel sleepy especially if the body is tired due to not enough rest or sleep from the night before.
However it is important to note that prolonged and frequent episodes of sleepiness may also indicate a sign of  a number of possible diseases such as Anemia, Sleep Apnea, Hypothyroidism and etc. Hence it is important to seek medical advice if the condition continues. 
Source: Twitter Dr. Samhan edited by Team PKA

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