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First Aids in Rugby (FAIR) Level 1 Course

University Health Center - 8 June 2022 - Training Unit PKU, UPM has conducted a course entitled First Aids in Rugby (FAIR) Level 1 involving 20 staff from various positions such as Assistant Medical Officer, Nurse, Health Care Assistant and Ambulance Driver.

Accordingly, accredited instructors from World Rugby have been invited to conduct the course theoretically and practically. The teaching staff is YBrs. Dr. Azril Syazwan Mohd Ali (Sports Physician at the National Sports Institute), YBrs. Dr. Muhammad Hazwan Khair (Head of Sports Science and Medicine Department, Selangor FC) and Pn Nurdiasafra Hassan (Member Medical Rehabilitation Officer at the National Sports Institute)

Various topics were given to the participants including Initial Approach Dr ABC & MILS, Breathing and Chocking, Airway Problem, Circulation, bleeding & shock, CPR & AED, Head and Spinal Injury and Limb Injury. Participants were also asked to conduct practical sessions for each topic given by the instructors.

Participants are also tested at the end of the course session to ensure that participants get input that can be done in their essential assignments at PKU, UPM. Thank you to the instructors and participants who have attended this course. Hopefully, the participants can practice all the knowledge provided to ensure the quality of services at PKU, UPM can be improved



Thank you.

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