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Radiology Unit (X-ray)🆕

The Radiology Unit carries out imaging investigation on the patient undergoing treatment as requested by the Medical Practitioner via the e-Klinik system. This unit ensures the taking of imaging and the result of the imaging carried out at the UHC be ready within the designated time.

The Radiology Unit of UHC, uses the Computerized Radiology System, which means that every x-ray image is directly saved and is sent to the Medical Practitioner and is accessed by using the Osirix Online system. By using this system, the quality of the x-ray is better preserved, accessibility of information is faster, complete and credible as well as confidentiality of patient’s data is guaranteed. There is no production of x-ray film therefore the patient need only to wait for consultation at the Medical Practitioner’s Room.

Amongst basic X-Ray services provided are:

  • Chest X-Ray 
  • Skull X-Ray
  • PNS X-Ray
  • KUB X-Ray
  • Abdominal X-Ray
  • Limbs X-Ray


For female clients who attended PKU for medical check up please kindly bring along a plain roundneck t-shirt to be worn during chest x-ray. This is to avoid sharing of gown in x-ray unit in order to prevent potential transmission of COVID-19.

Updated:: 29/06/2020 [izzatussofia]


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