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Health Promotion Section

The Health Promotion Section is headed by a Head Nurse who handles all health promotions, immunization programs and the monitoring of patients referred to hospital and social visit (if necessary).

The health promotion activities carried out by the Public Health Division is focused on :

1. Identification of Risk Factors of Non-Communicable disease via :

  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • BMI measurement
  • Body Fat analysis
  • Blood Sugar Level monitoring (depending on the current situation)

2. Encouragement of Healthy Lifestyle through:

  • Posters on Non-Communicable Diseases
  • Exercise (Fit by Beat)

3. Brief medical advice given through consultations during programs or activities organized.


Health Awareness and Medical Outreach Programs at the selected faculty in UPM Campus are designed and organized by this unit for the benefit of campus residents. For the year 2023, activities planned are:


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