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Administrative, Financial & Quality Section

The sections has various section with different duties and functions :

 1) Human Resource Management

  • Handles appointments of permanent/contract staff at UHC
  • Updates organizational structure and job description of all positions at UHC
  • Responsible in recruitment analysis and the planning of manpower requirement
  • Handles promotions of permanent staff at UHC
  • Handles appointment extension of contract staff at UHC
  • Handles leaves of permanent and contract staff at UHC
  • Monitors attendance and staff leave report at UHC

 2) Quality Assurance Management

  • Monitoring of Service Conformance as according to the procedure requirements of MS:ISO 9001:2015 and ISMS ISO/IEC 27001
  • Updating of the Guide to Medical Service Book as well as Guide to the Dental Service Book

3) Training Management

  • Planning and implementation of training for UHC Staff
  • Ensures staff undergoes training within the time stated

4) Landscape Management

  • Ensuring the surrounding area outside the buildings of A and B blocks of the UHC, is well kept and pleasing to the eyes.


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