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Ambulances with sophisticated facilities belong to UPM with only RM50

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Why UPM need a new ambulance?


Let's imagine together...


If there is an accident occur in the field or the forest.

Or suddenly there is a disaster that we never expected


Can an ambulance aid be sent to a location?

How long the ambulance would be arrived at the location?

Are the facilities and equipment in the ambulance meet the needs of the victims on site?




A complete ambulance with advanced equipment is a much needed during emergency !!!


 "Anyone who causes the loss of a human being, is the same as he has killed ALL human beings ...


       ... and whoever saves a PERSON, is the same as he has given life to ALL human beings. "


 (Surah al-Maidah: Verse 32)


"AMBULANCE service is about HUMAN LIFE"



Head of Waqf Fund Section 
Center for Management of Waqf, Zakat dan Endowment (WAZAN)
Universiti Putra Malaysia


Did not the PKU UPM have their own ambulance?


"The existing ambulance at PKU UPM have been used for too long, poorly and costly for maintenance purposes."


A new ambulance complete with up-to-date and sophisticated facilities is HIGHLY IMPORTANT and HIGHLY REQUIRED by PKU UPM IMMEDIATELY.


At least, PKU UPM needs to provide a new "Grade B" category ambulance to enhance PKU UPM services to meet the needs of the community.


"It is time for PKU UPM to have a new ambulance that capable of meeting variety of purposes, especially to assist victims in the DISTRICT, DISASTER or area where ordinary ambulance is difficult to access."




University Health Center (PKU)
Universiti Putra Malaysia


How can a new Ambulance with a sophisticated facility priced at RM250,000 can be owned by PKU UPM with only RM50?


UPM employs more than 180,000 people including 5,000 staff members, plus 150,000 alumni and 25,000 students.


If every UPM citizen contributes only RM5 once, a total of RM900,000.00 is sure to be collected for PKU UPM needs.


The figures have not taken into account the communities around UPM, suppliers that dealing with UPM, as well as existing industrial networks.



"Therefore, I urge and request ALL parties to contribute RM50 to help PKU UPM to have a new ambulance".

By donating only RM50, we have given a thousand of hopes to the victim;

With the same RM50 contribution, we have helped to save their lives; and

With the same RM50 of waqf, the new ambulance for PKU UPM will continue to run its service forever.


Center for Management of Waqf, Zakat dan Endowment (WAZAN)
Universiti Putra Malaysia




for PKU UPM Ambulance Special Project


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